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Come and do some Yoga with us.

Retreat with us and re-energize your Being

Enjoy the Double Impact of a tranquil Boutique Hotel and an energizing Yoga Retreat

Re-fuel your body with yoga and calm your mind with meditation. Do some single classes or book one of our retreat packages.

If you visit with a “No-Yoga Buddy or Partner”, who likes to sleep longer or just loves to chill at the pool,

we are the perfect place for both of you.

The big Yoga Shala
The Yoga


Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Aerial, Yin, Guided Meditation & Pranayama

We believe,

that the combination of yoga, meditation, tranquility and self-care facilitates and accelerates personal growth.


Create your perfect ME-TIME in Niyagama House, so that you leave full of new energy, clarity, ideas and inspiration.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Strengthen your body and get ready to sweat
In our morning Hatha Vinyasa class we start with slow movements to warm the body up and change to sun salutations in a flow, before we cool down with some stretches and a full body relaxation.

7:30 to 9 am daily

Aerial Yoga


Elevate your asanas and learn to fly
Aerial yoga combines traditional asana and yoga philosophies with the aerial arts. A silk fabric is hung from above to aid practitioners in forming shapes. You don’t need a lot of upper body strength. You will love the inversions. Plus it's a lot of fun.

12:30 to 2 pm > Yoga Calendar

Yin Yoga


Go to the 'Yin-side' and release the flow of energy in your Meridians

Go deeper into your flexibility during our relaxing afternoon Yin class, which is sometimes also offered during sunset on the roof terrace.

4 to 5 pm daily


Meditation, Pranayama & Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)

A daily guided morning meditation to calm your mind and deepen your self-awareness is offered to all our guests complimentary before the Hatha Vinyasa class starts.

Pranayama breathing exercises are integrated into all yoga classes and are a wonderful tool to develop your self-awareness.

In her "Body & Soul" Retreats, Elke is offering MSC as a wonderful tool to calm your inner critic and develop more loving kindness for yourself (60 min each class).

7 to 7:30 am daily Meditation

Stiff or flexible - everyone can do Yoga

Which class is the right one for me???

Too tired for action?

Give it a try, do a Hatha yoga class, and feel the new energy inside of you

Too stiff for yoga?

Start with a relaxed Yin yoga class and

kick your inner ego out.

Aerial without any yoga experience?

Come in and have some fun!

The Hatha Yoga Experience

Our Hatha Vinyasa classes are designed in a way that the first-time-yogi can enjoy it as well as an intermediate-level student. Personal attention is given to everyone so that you will do the yoga that is just right for you. After three classes in a row, you will already start to feel more powerful.

If you have questions:

During a Hatha Yoga Class

The Aerial Yoga Experience

For a first Aerial class you don’t even need to be a yogi.

Find out how easy it is for your 'inner body guard' to let go and enjoy swinging upside down in the jungle. The only restriction for Aerial yoga: it's not recommended for those with high blood pressure.

If you have questions:

After an Aerial Yoga Class.

The Yin Yoga Experience

If you think you are too stiff for yoga, then try some stretching.


Yin yoga targets the deep tissue, also called 'fascia'. This class is very relaxing, as you hold each pose up to 5 minutes, mostly while sitting or lying on the mat. In our ASAP life it would be best for everybody to go more to the 'yin-side'.

If you have questions:

Special Support during a Yin Yoga Class.
Your Retreat
Having Fun in an Aerial Yoga Class.


A Hatha Bliss, an Aerial Immersion, a Yin & Yang, a Body & Soul or a Mindset Yoga Deep Dive Retreat – choose the retreat package that you like best!

Stay four, six or eight Days and fill your Retreat Package with just the right 'ingredients'.

While Hatha & Yin Yoga Retreats always start on your hand-picked arrival day, there are fixed dates for the Aerial, the Meditation, and the Mindset Yoga Retreats.

Our Weekend Retreats from Friday to Sunday

allow you to relax from work or stop by for a shorter stay during your Sri Lanka roundtrip.

Your Package Benefits

  • We want you to stay hydrated, therefore every package includes plenty of king coconut water, ginger & lime water, and herbal tea.

  • Discounts on additional classes – in case you feel unstoppable on the one or other day ;-).

  • A free tuktuk drive both ways to Galle Fort for all BLISS and to the beach at Unawatuna for all IMMERSION packages.

  • Ayurveda Massage discounts are included in all DOUBLE IMPACT packages – more yoga deserves more relaxation afterwards ;-).

  • More yoga = better prices! All DOUBLE IMPACT packages offer a 10 or 15% discount on your booked yoga classes.

Discover our Retreat Packages

What Yoga do you like to practice?

We offer Hatha, Yin, Aerial, Mindful Self-Compassion Meditation and Elke’s signature retreat MINDSET YOGA DEEP DIVE.

Find more info here:

When is the best Time for your Visit?

Have a look at the next upcoming retreats below or check out our full calendar here:

If you like to visit just for a single yoga class, check out our DAYCATION specials.

Our Calendar
Yoga Mats & Cushions in the big Yoga Shala


Upcoming Retreats with Elke and with international Hosts:
here you find them all in one place, including Elke’s holidays ;-).

This calendar is always up-to-date.

Kindly remember that the Hatha Retreats, the Yin Retreats and the Yin & Yang Retreats

can always start whenever you arrive at Niyagama House AND Elke is available :-).

Also, the Hatha, Yin or Yin & Yang Weekends are always available,

starting on Friday after 2pm.

Read more about our packages by follwoing the links below

and contact us for the best price options.
Namaste and see you on the mat :-).

Upcoming Retreats 2024

Apr 8 to Aug 10

No Yoga @ Niyagama House, as Elke will travel in Europe, teaching her MINDSET YOGA EXPERIENCE workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But have a look at HOSTED RETREATS as there will be maybe some retreats in the pipeline. Namaste.

Aug 11 to 18

Mindset Yoga Deep Dive Retreat

Aug 18 to 21

Earth & Air Bliss Retreat

Aug 18 to 23

Earth & Air Immersion Retreat

Aug 23 to 25

Body & Soul Weekend Retreat

Aug 25 to 28

Body & Soul Bliss Retreat

Aug 25 to 30

Body & Soul Immersion Retreat

Aug 30 to Sep 1

Earth & Air Weekend Retreat


Your Hatha, Yin or Yin & Yang Retreat can start daily ;-).

More about our Retreat Packages:

Find the full Retreat Calendar here:

Our Daily Schedule

7 to 7:30 am        Guided Meditation

7:30 to 9 am        Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

12:30 to 1:30 pm Mindful Self-Compassion


12:30 to 2 pm      Aerial Yoga

4 to 5 pm             Yin Yoga

Your Teacher
Elke de Silva



My name is Elke de Silva.

German by nature, I moved to Sri Lanka, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, in 2007.

I believe in the idea, that we are all the creators of our own life, that happiness is a choice, and that our souls are here, in this body and in this life, following their journey towards fulfillment.

As a Yoga and MSC Meditation Teacher, a Holistic Coach and EFT Practitioner, I see myself as a compassionate companion on your path of finding out what feels truly right for you.

Finding your yoga sequence to energize your body, your meditation to leave your 'monkey mind' behind, your inner calling for life, business, or social connections, and your positive beliefs for creating fulfilling days.

As a graduate architect, I created and built Niyagama House together with my partner as a safe place where you can relax and get in deeper contact with yourself.

We constantly improve our offers and our services so that our guests can leave Niyagama House full of wonderful memories, fresh energy, and positive new ideas.

As a former professional dancer and choreographer I still love to dance through life and to travel through many countries. For this I allow myself every year some months – another dream came true.

I am truly looking forward to welcoming you here in our wonderful home in sunny Sri Lanka.


If you have any questions about a stay with us, about hosting your own retreat, about Mindset Yoga or my workshops abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Move your mind and live your dreams!

Namaste from the tea plantation
and take care,

Yoga Bliss

Me and my wife stayed for a 3 night blissful meditation and yoga retreat. Everything here really exceeded our expectations, so we extended our stay. Elke is an amazing yoga teacher! She is experienced and checking on each student, making everyone feel safe and comfortable. Always with warmth and a smile.

Feb 2020

Mattias, Sweden, on Tripadvisor

A Lotus Flower in our Garden

Clarifying Coaching

Dear Elke, the coaching with you was enlightening, clarifying and inspiring. With your affectionate and happy way of being and precisely fitting - sometimes provocative – questions, you created a space in which I felt seen. The solutions came to me as if by themselves. In the end, I found a way out of feeling powerless. Now I know how I can go on with joy. THANK YOU!

June 2020

Daniela, Germany

Excellent Teacher

(...) Elke is a beautiful soul who has an air of calmness and kindness about her. She has designed a beautiful property that has western comforts yet in the middle of a tea plantation in Sri Lanka with all the beauty of nature this brings. We also enjoyed trying a couple of yoga classes with Elke. She is an excellent teacher and was able to find a style that my husband and I as beginners were comfortable with. I enjoyed these classes so much that I feel inspired to begin regular classes back at home. (...)

March 2022

Aisling C, Kuwait, on Tripadvisor

A Waterlilly in a Pond close to the Pool.

“Yoga is 99% practice
and 1% knowlegde”.

SHRI K. Pattabhi Jois

Namaste Hands turquoise dot soften and g
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