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Our Infinity Pool with a View into the Jungle

Enjoy rejuvenating Massages, great Activities,
and amazing Excursions

Let us take care of organizing your perfect day while you are relaxing at the pool - be it an Ayurveda Oil Massage, a private Yoga Class, or a full-day Excursion.

A five-kilometer walk through the tropical neighborhood, a guided bicycle tour to the beach, a cookery class, a guided tea plantation tour –

the choice it all yours.

A national park with a beautiful waterfall, the Udawalawe Elephant Park, a tea tasting in a tea factory – it’s all within reach and

easily fit into a half- or full day excursion.

At the Pool
Ayurveda Massages


Pamper your Body and Soul

Relax with one of our wonderful Ayurveda massages. They are gentle by nature, allowing the oil to hydrate your skin and detoxify your body.

Traditional Abhyanga (full body) Massages do calm the nerves, increase levels of stamina during the day, and lead to better, deeper sleep at night.

# 1 | Ayurveda Oil Massage | Full Body | 60 or 90 min

Experience the finest anti-stress treatment available:

A relaxing full body massage with pure warm oil will help to strengthen the nervous system, restore lost energy, and relax the body and mind.

# 1 A | 60 min Full Body Massage

Including a gentle herbal scrub.

39 USD

# 1 B | 90 min Full Body Massage

Including two extras and a gentle herbal scrub.

Choose from a head, face, and foot massage.

52 USD

# 2 | Ayurveda Oil Massage | Special Focus | 60 min

The combination that is just right for you:

# 2 A | Head, Neck-Shoulder & Foot Massage

Calming for the mind, tension-reducing for the neck-shoulder area, and relaxing for the feet.

39 USD

# 2 B | Head, Face & Foot Massage

Goosebumps all the way down to the toes, using a special head oil, a hydrating facial moisturiser, and a cooling foot balm.

39 USD

# 3 | Body Wraps | 40 min

Make your skin, the biggest organ of your body, happy.

Every wrap comes with a face or foot massage.

# 3 A | Sandalwood-Turmeric-Honey Wrap

Moisturizing, softening, and nourishing.

# 3 B | Gotukola (Centella asiatica) & Yoghurt Wrap

Cleansing, nourishing, and strengthening.

# 3 C | Aloe Vera Sunset Wrap

29 USD each

Rehydrating, cooling, and nurturing.

Do you like to book a massage
for your stay in advance?

Do you like to visit for a day
and have a massage?

A private Aerial Yoga Session
Your Evolution


Move your Mind and Live your Dreams

Self-development is the process of learning new things and building new skills. Skills that help us increase our chances of success, achieve our goals and manifest our dreams.

And time-out during a vacation or retreat can be  

a perfect opportunity to go for it.

A Private Yoga Class

In a 1-on-1 Session we can target something that is perfect for your own yoga routine. What can it be for you?

  • Support with a special asana?

  • Filming a sun salutation sequence that you can repeat at home?

  • Learning some poses that relieve your frozen shoulder syndrome?

A private Yoga Class
A Holistic Coaching Session

A Holistic Coaching Session

Already Albert Einstein knew, that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

If you are feeling stuck, or if there is always the same situation or person that triggers you, a personal coaching session can be eye-opening.

Take valuable insights with you from this session with Elke, who is a Certified Holistic Coach, and continue back home. The path is the goal.

An EFT Tapping Session

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful self-help tool that instantly releases stress, helps with all kinds of phobias, and supports transforming negative emotions into positive feelings.

After 25 years of personal experience with EFT, Elke was trained in the UK in 2019 by one of the 20 Master EFT Teachers, Karl Dawson, who was taught by the founder of EFT in the USA, Gary Craig.

An EFT Tapping Session

Contact Elke via WhatsApp to schedule an appointment.

A Walk through the Neighborhood
Our Activities


Relaxing, Walking, Jogging, Bird Watching or Learning.
What’s your Cup of Tea?

Enjoy your me-time and do what you like.

We love to make some suggestions to help create your perfect day.

Relaxing in or at the Pool

Less is often more.

Enjoy our wonderful, 9 by 18 meter long, chlorine-free pool.

Or chill in the shade with a good book.

Not staying with us?

Be our Day Guest:

5 Kilometer Round Walk in the Neighborhood

Nature, tranquility, and happy smiles.

Explore our neighborhood, more tea plantations, farmers working on their fields, small houses, and curious kids waving to you.

If you are into jogging: We already had guests enjoying two rounds. The best time is always before breakfast, when it’s not too hot.

Birdwatching & Monkey Observation

Surrounded by tropical nature.

Grab our binoculars or your camera and indulge in the big variety of migrant and endemic birds. Spend some quiet hours in our special bird-watching hut or just wait for “our” kingfisher to take a dip in the pool.

The very shy purple-faced langur, also known as the purple-faced leaf monkey, is a regular guest plantation trees.

Have a look at Chaminda de Silva's website for some inspiration:

Rice & Curry Cooking Class

Cook curries like a PRO.

Spend one hour in the shady verandah restaurant, learning from our cook.


Enjoy your home-cooked meal for dinner, which is included in the price, and re-create the curries at home with the help of our PDFs.

For two to four people

30 USD per person

Guided Tea Plantation Tour

Discover Tea, Cinnamon and Pepper Secrets​

Walk one hour in the afternoon with our tea plantation manager, learn about the plantation work, and ask all the questions you have.


Enjoy a good cup of black tea fresh from the tea factory after the tour.

15 USD per person

Sunset at the Indian Ocean
Your Excursions


Enjoy a tuktuk ride to Galle, swim in the Indian Ocean, observe wild elephants, or meditate at a waterfall. Seize the day and make it special.

Niyagama House is situated in a perfect spot from where you can easily head out to explore the area and be back in the relaxing tranquility of nature before nighttime.

Our experienced drivers take you in a tuktuk or in our van to your desired destinations. Either they stay with you or they pick you up later, a special service that our solo female travelers appreciate a lot.

Galle Fort, the charming World Unesco Heritage Site

Maybe the most European atmosphere in Sri Lanka.

Visit the charming Galle Fort, book a guided tour, or stroll through the beautiful old streets on your own.


Have dinner in one of the restaurants that reside in former old merchant houses or buy some souvenirs and discover the markets and shops in Galle Town on your way back.

Unawatuna Beach: Swimming, Snorkeling, Diving

Enjoy the ocean and a tasty snack with your feet in the sand.

A 30-minute tuktuk drive through paddy fields and along the coastal shore brings you to a bay with gentle waves wherre it is safe to swim.


Discover the small shops, a good restaurant or a diving school. Your driver will pick you up whenever you like.

Temple, Tea & Turtles

Dive deeper into the Sri Lankan culture and nature.

Visit Yatagalla Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the Galle area. Next stop is the Handunugoda Tea Factory. Learn about tea processing and have a wonderful tea tasting.

On your way back you can visit a Turtle Sanctuary in Habaraduwa, where you can see 5 of the 7 turtle species worldwide.

Surfing Class at Dewata Beach

Ride the wave and have some fun.

There are several surfing schools located in this bay where they can teach you to surf like a pro.


The teachers are with you in the water, assisting you with the right timing and giving you a high five for every tiny success.

Golfing at Koggala Lake

A golf course around a working airforce runway.

The Eagles’ Catalina Golf Course offers 9 holes and you can play alternate tees on the same green to make it 18.


The location is quite unique and interesting plus you might see the occasional crocodile in the river that runs along one side. They offer caddies, rental clubs, buggies, and a clubhouse with a view of the lake.

Walk to the Waterfall in the Kanneliya National Park

Pure nature, big rocks, and the sound of running water.

A one-hour drive will bring you inland, you enter the park and a ranger will walk with you on a safe path through the jungle to a waterfall, where you can rest, relax, and enjoy nature all around you.

A perfect add-on is a tasty picnic-to-go from our kitchen.

Elephant Jeep Safari in the Udawalawe National Park

Visit the largest living and very intelligent land animals.

The best time for this half-day trip is to start with our van at around 5 am in the morning, together with a breakfast-to-go from our kitchen.

The safari jeep is waiting for you, when you arrive at the park and you can immediately enter the world of these wonderful animals. Enjoy three to four hours driving through nature in the early morning hours.

Guided Bike to Beach Tour

Ride downhill towards the ocean and take a dip.

Our bike guide is leading the way on small streets, tiny villages and paddy fields. Blend in with the locals, stop wherever you want to take a picture, and look forward to a treat at the destination: swimming, sunset, and dinner.

Our van is taking the bikes back home, while you can order our tuktuk for the journey back up the hill.

Contact us, if you have any questions or if you like to book one of the excursions in advance.

“Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will,
it is always interesting.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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