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Lunch with a View to the Pool

Eat with us and nourish your Soul

'Love goes through the Stomach'

Supporting this proverb, we offer fresh and healthy food on our Verandah Restaurant.

It is prepared with love in order to create feelings of happiness in our guests.

The Restaurant
Restaurant Table with a View


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
with a View to the Pool

Enjoy our Sri Lankan specials, Western continental choices as well as vegetarian and vegan offerings for breakfast in the Verandah Restaurant.

Traditional rice and curry, fresh fish and seafood, soups, salads, and desserts are available to order throughout the day at a time of your choosing.

Our restaurant is open from 7 am to 10 pm, and our team looks forward to serving you something nourishing.

The Time is always right
for a good Cup of Tea

Nestled in the middle of an active tea plantation, Niyagama House is the perfect setting for enjoying some of the finest teas of Sri Lanka.

Choose out of our selection of black, green, herbal and specialty teas.


For coffee lovers our espresso machine is always ready for action.

And for juice and smoothie 'addicts' our special juice extractor is close at hand.

The Menu
Dining in Style


Drinks: From Ayurveda Herbal Tea to Pineapple Zinger

Have a healthy ginger water or a smoothie, maybe order a kombucha or the famous Sri Lankan king coconut, we are sure you will find your favorite.


Except for the classical Sri Lankan “Ginger Beer”, which is an alcohol-free lemonade, Kombucha, and Tonic Water, we do not offer mainstream brands of carbonated soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite. We like to offer our guests healthier choices containing less sugar.


We do not serve alcohol, however guests are welcome to bring their own. We do have the suitable glassware.

Dishes: Vegan & Vegetarian +
Sri Lankan & International Options

Our vegan and vegetarian guests love the endless variations in the typical Sri Lankan "Rice & Curry", prepared as mild or as spicy as you like.

Next to a large variety of vegetables we offer fresh fish, seafood and chicken, but no pork and meat.

All our dishes are made fresh and from scratch so please pre-order or be prepared for a short wait while your food is prepared.

Our guests who prefer to eat gluten-free will find plenty of options.

Pool Service during the Day

Our Service around your Food & Drinks

Complimentary Morning Bed Tea

A typical Sri Lankan ritual is the morning cup of tea.

Call the kitchen after you wake up and order your tea or coffee, which will be served in your room. Enjoy the first sun rays and the sounds of many birds while sipping something good.

Room Service, offered with an additional Surcharge

If you desire solitude to enjoy the meditative atmosphere of Niyagama House, we can even bring your food to your room.

Complimentary Morning Tea or Coffee
We offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free Options.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free Options

We are all unique human beings and as such we all have unique tastes. This is reflected in our individual Ayurveda Dosha constitutions.

Consequently in our restaurant we aim to incorporate this philosophy in the food we serve.

Ultimately hoping to leave you happy and satisfied with your food choices.

Early Check-Out with a Breakfast To-Go

Do you need to check out before 7 am to be at the airport for an early flight?

No problem, we will prepare your breakfast 'to-go'.

Picnic Snack To-Go

If you would like to visit the Kanneliya Waterfall where there are no restaurants nearby, talk to us and we can create a suitable and delicious picnic to take with you.

Waterfall in the Kanneliya National Park
Detox Days
A King Coconut Shop at the Road


Less is more!
Less Food =  More Energy

Do you like to do something good for your body and mind?

Then choose one of our Ayurveda Detox Packages:

  • with nourishing meals only or

  • combined with some relaxing Ayurveda massages or, almost irresistible,

  • with additional, energizing Hatha yoga classes

Get rid of what
no longer serves you

Being in the middle of nature and in a non-smoking environment that doesn’t sell alcohol, it is easy to stay away from temptation and experience a body & mind cleanse.

To make sure that you are drinking enough, there are two liters daily of healthy drinks included in every package. Hydration is very important and very ayurvedic.

NO 1: Detox Delight | 4 Days & 3 Nights

In Ayurvedic philosophy food has always been regarded as a kind of "first medicine". As the best way to provide the body with the necessary foundation for increased vitality and optimal health.

  • Before Breakfast: Our Morning Booster Drink

  • Breakfast: Kandji, a herbal green soup with rice | fruit plate | veggie plate with hummus

  • Lunch: Soup or Salad

  • Snack: Fruit or Veggie Plate

  • Dinner: Three Vegetable Rice & Curry with brown Rice

  • The Option: Change lunch and dinner in case you don’t like to eat much in the evening.

  • Hydration: Two liter of warm water, ginger & lime water, herbal teas and a king coconut daily.

  • Motivation: Two live sessions EFT (emotional freedom technique), with Elke and daily mindset training (PDFs).

Your Package Benefit:

99 USD (instead of 130 USD) per Person for your light and healthy Detox Delight
Book this package in addition to your room.

Gotukola Herbal Plant
Ayurveda Hand Massage

NO 2: Detox Double | 4 Days &  3 Nights

Accumulated stress and toxins in the mind and body dissolve during a gentle Ayurvedic oil massage. A full-body warm oil massage therefore acts as a powerful recharger and rejuvenator of mind and body.

  • Enjoy all elements of the above “Delux Delight” Package.

  • Plus two Ayurveda oil massages, each 60 minutes long, on the second and third day of your stay.

Your Package Benefit:
166 USD (instead of 208 USD) per Person for your double Detox Impact
Book this package in addition to your room.

NO 3: Detox Deluxe | 4 Days & 3 Nights

Hatha yoga is a way of working with the body, a way of disciplining, purifying, and preparing the body for higher levels of energy and possibilities.

Many yoga asanas (poses) are beneficial for the organs and for the systems of detoxification, particularly the lymphatic system.

  • Enjoy all elements of the above “Detox Double” Package.

  • Plus three Hatha yoga morning classes from 7:30 to 9 am on your second, third and fourth day.

Your Package Benefit:

214 USD (instead of 265 USD) per Person for your "three-in-one" deluxe Detox Bliss

Book this package in addition to your room.

Detox & Yoga - your Double Impact
A Mangustine Fruit
Our Approach


'The Kitchen is the
Heart of the House'

In order to provide the highest energy in our meals, we are shopping daily at the local markets, as fresh and as organic as possible.


And we harvest from our own vegetable garden, which will be extended in the near future.

Our Kitchen Philosophy

  • Fresh herbs and spices are used generously for taste and for their health properties.

  • Foods are served close to their natural state, with healthy cooking methods and no microwaves, additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings or food colouring.

  • Emphasis on organic ingredients wherever possible.

  • Low sugar. We mostly use palm sugar and unrefined brown sugar.

  • Low sodium. Our kitchen uses sea salt.

  • Low fat. Only healthy, cold-pressed oils – such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, sesame, sunflower, and other virgin nut and seed oils - are used in moderation.

The Middle Way

We are a retreat but without the idea of 'educating' our guests. Therefore we are aiming for the 'middle way':

  • We are not only vegetarian, but also do serve chicken, fish and seafood.

  • We offer Detox Packages, but also very delicious deserts :-).

  • We don’t serve alcohol, but you can bring your own and we have the matching glassware.

  • We are a non-smoking property, but offer a 'secret' smoking spot directly below the pool area.

A happy Guest about our Food:

On to the food ... I own a London catering company and good quality, healthy food (with an emphasis on vegetables) is really important to me.

Niyagama House ticked all the boxes here too with freshly made, tasty, high quality food - I enjoyed every meal.

Feb 2019

Christine, London, UK, on Tripadvisor

Interested in our Rice & Curry Cooking Class?

Have a look here:

Our Cooking Class

“Food may be essential for the body, but GOOD food is
fuel for the soul.”

Malcolm Forbes

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