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The Restaurant

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with a View to the Pool

Enjoy our Sri Lankan specials, Western continental as well as vegetarian and vegan offers for breakfast in the Verandah Restaurant.

Traditional Rice and Curries, fresh Fish & Seafood, Soups, Salads and Desserts are served for lunch and dinner whenever you want to.

Our restaurant is open from 7 am to 10 pm, also welcoming outside guests.

The Time is always right for a good Cup of Tea

Settled in the middle of an active tea plantation, Niyagama House is the perfect setting for enjoying some of the finest teas of Sri Lanka!

Choose out of our selection of black, green, herbal and specialty teas.


For coffee lovers, our espresso machine is always ready for action.

The Menu

Drinks: From Smoothies & Lassies to Espresso & Tea Tasting

From healthy ginger water to smoothies, from kombucha to the famous king coconut, we are sure you will find your favorite.

Except for the classical Sri Lankan “Ginger Beer”, an alcohol-free lemonade, we do not offer Coca Coal, Fanta and Sprite, as we like to invite you to reduce your sugar intake.

We do not serve alcohol, but you can bring your own and we do have the matching glasses.

Dishes: Vegan & Vegetarian + Sri Lankan & International Options

Our vegan and vegetarian guests love the endless variations in the Sri Lankan Rice & Curry, prepared just as mild or hot as you like.

Next to a big variety of vegetables we are offering fresh fish, seafood and chicken, but no pork and meat.

To serve as fresh, organic and sustainable as possible, our menu is small but with daily variations.

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